Hi there 👋,

My name is Dennis and I am a software engineer based in Germany with a focus on iOS development.


A Native SwiftUI App Architecture

Puddles is an app architecture for apps built on the SwiftUI lifecycle. It tries to encourage building flexible, modular and scalable apps by providing a set of simple tools and patterns that make development easier and more convenient. However, it doesn't try to lock you into anything. Every project is unique and while it should be generally discouraged, it has to be easy to deviate from existing patterns. Puddles has been designed from the start with this thought in mind.


Asynchronous View Presentations In SwiftUI

Queryable is a property wrapper that can trigger a view presentation and await its completion from a single async function call, while fully hiding the state handling of the presented view.


An OpenAI GPT interface written in Swift

GPTSwift is a lightweight and convenient wrapper around the OpenAI API.